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Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day as a Family

Valentine’s Day is about love filling the air, and spending time with those most important to you. For young families, this means including your new bundle (or bundles) of joy in your Valentine’s plans. Family Valentine’s Day is much different than the usual dinner, chocolates, and flowers that have simply become too cliché. When it comes to family, love is the most important part. Your kids need to learn what this day is all about, and how to show appreciation for those they love. Setting an example is a part of your everyday job now (it’s also the best part)! If you’re not sure what tradition you want to begin creating, here are a couple of places to start.

  1. One of the most unique things you can do is spend Valentine’s Day with your Valentine to be. Listening to music in pregnancy can have great results as discussed in our last blog post. Olababy’s Bellytunes is the perfect product to enjoy music with your baby-to-be. Stick the headphone adapters on your baby bump and transform your belly into a mini-concert. Check out our Spotify playlist “Lullabies You’ll Love”, and bond with your baby over music. Make her first interaction with you and the music you love happen before she is even born.
  2. Once your baby has joined the family for their first ever Valentine’s Day, get them involved. Breakfast in bed is a tradition in most families for many holidays, and for good reason. The whole family, together; laughing, eating, and bonding. What could be better than that?
  3. Before you make breakfast, plan a menu with your kids. Plan it out so that it’s Valentine’s themed and enjoy it all with your kids. The fun/chaos that you are about to experience is unlike any other. Make sure to keep a camera handy to snap some great shots of your messy children attempting to cook their first Valentine’s Day meal.
  4. Enjoy the outdoors We spend so much time inside we forget to enjoy nature with our families. Take a walk on the beach, go to the park, feed ducks at the local pond, have a family snow fight, no matter where you live mother nature is there to make your Valentine’s Day filled with beautiful memories.
  5. Arts and crafts are a great way to create personal gifts for one another. If you have toddlers or babies, you can create a classic hand print, or foot print mural. A festive way to do this is to make little hearts out of their hands and feet. These are art pieces that will be with you forever, you’ll always have a reminder of their first Valentine’s Day.

A day that is always filled with love, can become a very special memory for your children once they get older. You can make Valentine’s Day a day they look forward to for years to come, by simply showing the love that you already have for them. These are only some of the countless things you can do with your baby-to-be, newborn or toddler. Create traditions that will last their whole lives, and make love the most important part of their lives.

Share your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions with us, we’d love to see them in action. #OlababyUSA