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How to Stop Baby from Scratching

The Safest Way to Stop Those Baby Scratches

Babies scratch for the same reasons we do, something itches. Irritation causes them to itch, and unfortunately, they do not have the ability to scratch with caution. This is yet another issue that causes stress for parents during the early years of childhood, as well as causes pain to the baby itself. It is important to keep updated on best practices for trimming your baby’s nails, as well as how to avoid those nasty cuts. For those who are still concerned about their baby’s scratching habits, here are a couple solutions:

  1. Itchiness comes from dry skin. Keeping your baby’s skin moisturized can help reduce the irritation.
  2. Baths are a great way to soothe you baby’s itchy skin. Use colloidal oatmeal in the bath to keep your baby as comfortable as possible.
  3. Breathable and lightweight fabricssuch as cotton or silk help with irritation.
  4. Swaddle. Use swaddling as a means to keep your baby’s fingernails away from its face when he or she sleeps. This will keep baby safe and comfortable throughout the night.
  5. Trim your baby’s fingernails. Keeping the fingernails trimmed and filed will keep the scratches minimal and less damage will be done.
Trimming your baby’s fingernails is another great way to ensure he or she isn’t scratching frequently. The shorter their nails, the less harm they can do. One of the best products for trimming nails painlessly is the Olababy Rechargeable Electric Trimmer . This amazing product trims nails without any sharp utensils. It uses an electric nail trimmer that has been meticulously designed for parents to delicately, yet effectively trim their baby’s soft, growing nails. The Olababy Rechargeable Electric Trimmer features a central disk with a rotating buffer pad that lightly files and polishes the nail, causing no pain to the baby. One of the most unique and innovative features is the LED light which makes it possible to trim your baby’s nails while they sleep. While they sleep is actually one of the best times to trim because they will not be moving too much. This is one of several amazing products that will make your baby’s rapidly growing nails a non-issue. Parenthood is about struggling and learning as you go, keep this list close and do your best. You are on an amazing, unforgettable journey…so enjoy it.