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Fall Flavors: Recipes for the Whole Family

When you think of fall, you may picture the leaves changing, the weather cooling, and the loss of the long summer days. When the weather starts to cool down and we start to lose daylight, our bodies crave heartier meals and time spent getting cozy with our loved ones. When thinking of fall flavors, your initial ideas maybe something related to pumpkin or apple, but this time of year offers so much more than the go-to pumpkin spice latte. We have made a list of some of our favorite fall recipes that are sure to bring you and your family together this season.

Fall Staple: Chicken Noodle Soup

Soups are considered a staple this time of year. They provide a warm, hearty option and can easily be made to feed the whole family. While chicken noodle soup is a classic, this recipe from Country Living offers families the ultimate comfort food. Their recipe will easily serve a larger family, and the inclusion of both chicken breast and thighs will give this soup a delicious, layered flavor. Soups can sometimes be a messy option for parents with younger children, but don’t worry! The Olababy Silicone Suction Bowl with Lid is perfect for serving little ones this family favorite. The bowl has a suction base, helping to avoid messy spills, plus it comes with a lid so you can safely store baby’s leftovers for later.

To Take in the Lunchbox: Apple Chips

Fall is a busy time for parents and their kids. This is the time of year when school is back in session, and families are back to planning around drop-offs and pick-up times, homework, extracurricular activities and more. Having an easy go-to snack option that the kids will love is a must. We are loving this Homemade Apple Chip recipe from Life is Poppin'. While the cooking time may be longer on these, the actual prep is quick! All you will need is your favorite apples, ground cinnamon, and granulated sugar. This healthy snack is sure to be a sweet treat your kids will love, and Life is Poppin states that these are an easy one to take on the road!

For Busy School Nights: One-Pot Pasta with Tuna

Some nights are busy, so having a few recipes on hand that can be prepared fast for the family will come in handy on school nights. This One-Pot Pasta with Tuna recipe from Eating Well comes together quickly and delivers in flavor. Parents will love this dish because it is made using only one pot (it’s always a plus when we can save time on clean-up) and five ingredients. Eating Well suggests that if you are looking to give this dish some crunch, adding toasted panko breadcrumbs is a great option and gives this dish a casserole feel. For parents with little ones practicing independent feeding, this dish is the perfect time to introduce the Olababy Training Fork + Spoon Set. These feeding tools are made with your child’s growth in mind. The Fork will help your baby learn how to spear solids while the spoon allows them to scoop food from any angle.

For an After School Snack: Fall Harvest Snack Board

Charcuterie doesn’t only need to be for adults, make a board that’s family-friendly! Parents know that their kids come home hungry after school or soccer practice. While dinner may still be in the works, having a light snack ready for when the kids get home will help hold them over till the evening. This Fall Harvest Snack Board from the Healthy Family Project has a snack for everyone. Include options like red and green grapes, some cheese and crackers, pretzels, nuts and more so your family can graze. This will become a must-have in your home because the family will enjoy the variety and parents will love the low-maintenance clean-up (no pots and pans to wash)!

Because Pumpkin is a Must: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins – kid-friendly!

Craving something sweet? Pumpkin can be found in a lot of recipes during fall, but we are really loving this muffin recipe from Pinch of Yum! What we love about these muffins is the fact that they can be thrown together easily and it’s a recipe that you can get the kids involved in. These are made with oats instead of flour, making them perfect for anyone in the family who may be gluten-free, plus prep and cook time comes in at twenty minutes, making this a quick delicious, sweet. If your child is interested in getting involved, let them add the ingredients to the blender and help you portion the muffin mix into the baking sheets. Cooking with your kids can be a great bonding experience, and they will love knowing they got to participate in making the family’s new favorite treat.

Between busy schedules and shorter days, bringing your family together with a meal is a great way to keep everyone close in the fall. With the weather cooling down, foods should focus on what makes you feel cozy and fulfilled. We know there are tons of fall-inspired recipes out there and narrowing your choices down can sometimes be daunting! We hope you and your family enjoy some of our favorites listed above and have a happy fall season.