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Tips to help soothe baby

When babies cry, everything stops. The mission immediately becomes figuring out what is making them cry and how to stop it. Babies cry for a whole host of reasons- some you may never figure out. However, it’s good to have tools that you can use to help baby relax and stop the tears from flowing. Here are some of the tips that have worked for us:

  1. Lullaby: For a simple solution, try a soothing song. We like to play the same one over and over again because then it becomes very personal. It can also become a trigger song for your baby to fall asleep to.
  2. Take a stroll: Sometimes a change of scenery will help with baby’s mood. Whether they can walk or need a stroller, changing their setting can help calm them.
  3. Big hug: Babies love feeling safe. One way to do this is to wrap them up in your arms and give them a tight hug. They’ll feel warm and secure all snuggled into your big arms and body.
  4. Swaddle: Similar to the last one, swaddling is really helpful when you are trying to get baby to stop crying and go back to sleep. Babies love being in a tight little burrito, it gives them a sense of security and stops them from wiggling around too much.
  5. Turn on a fan:While babies cry it is only natural to try and drown it out with more noise, usually with a “shh”. However, we suggest you try just the opposite. Next time your baby starts crying turn on a fan or something that makes ambient noise. This will help focus them on the sound and in return, relax them.
  6. Massage: This can be very helpful especially if your baby is crying because she is gassy. Place baby on your knees and gently massage and pat her back. This will help relieve any pressure they are feeling and will make them much more comfortable.
  7. Bicycle Legs:This is another trick to keep baby’s gas at bay. Softly push and pull babies legs in a circular, bike-pedaling motion. The movement is very helpful and even fun for baby. It’s also good practice for the future!
  8. Go for a drive:Taking your baby for a drive is like combining all the tips above into one. The movement of the car is soothing, as is the vibration it causes. The ambient noise from the engine will calm baby and help them fall asleep. A quick five-minute ride is a great trick.
  9. Distract:This tip must be handled delicately. The key is to distract baby to the point where he’ll fall asleep. One way you can do this is by creating a “bed time” this will become the trigger word for the future. “Set the mood” and create a perfect sleep station in their room. Soothing sounds, a night light, warm fuzzy blankets, anything they need to make them think it’s time to go to sleep. Their new “bed time” routine will work wonders!
  10. Read to them: Grab their favorite book (or your favorite kids book) and get ready for story time. Set up a reading corner in the room with comfy pillows or a rocking chair. This activity is great because it acts as a distraction and a focused activity. They’ll be relaxed and happy in no time.

Crying babies can be difficult for all parents to handle. Your child is crying, you don’t know why and all you want to do is make it better. Not every tip you read or hear is going to be perfect, but some will help, and the ones that do, you should keep in your back pocket. Creating routines is extremely important and if you find a surefire way to stop them from crying, they will start to recognize it and stop sooner. It’s all trial and error, which is what makes parenting so amazing. You know things will be hard, but the love you have is so strong that you won’t let anything get in the way of it.