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Steaming Baby Puree with Ease

One of today’s biggest trends in baby food is purees. This is because babies are not ready to eat solid food right after breast feeding. They must start with soft purees, then they can move on.  Making the puree yourself at home is also fun and smart. This way you know exactly what nutrients you are giving your baby and it allows you to be creative with your recipes.  

  1. First and foremost, it’s simply a safety When your baby is just starting to eat, they are not able to correctly eat solid food, which means solid food becomes a choking hazard. Make sure the food is extremely smooth and with no chunks. Tip: Do not use foods that tend to be allergenic, or include dairy, eggs, and peanuts.
  2. Once of the best things about pureeing food, is how easy and efficient it is to store. Take the prepared puree and pour it into ice trays. This will keep it ready for a quick meal when your baby is craving some food.
  3. An easy way to heat up purees is with the Olababy SteamBowl! With a collapsible base for feeding, simply bring a shallow bit of water to boil in a pot and place the Steam Bowl (base pulled open) with the puree inside into the pot. Close the lid, and wait for your puree to warm up. Then, after the food cools, feed your baby from the same bowl you just prepared the food in (base collapsed). You will love how easy it is to feed your baby.

Your baby will explore food their entire lives, so you might as well start them off on the right path. Food is such an important part of life, it helps people communicate, demonstrate love, and even tell a story. By cooking for your child you will not only be in control of what she eats, but you will create a bond that will last forever.

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