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Olababy Celebrates Baby Safety Month

September is Baby Safety Month, and a perfect time to assess the safety situation in your home, while building some good habits to keep your child safe and secure. As any parent knows, there are a multitude of potential hazards that babies come across in their young lives, and most of these are easily preventable. So let’s take a look at some important safety tips you can use, to give you and your little one, some peace of mind.


Strap them in!

This may be obvious, but keeping baby strapped in when on the go, is absolutely necessary to keep them safe. Falls are a major source of baby injury, and most can be prevented by securely strapping in babies, in car seats, high chairs, or any place where baby is left alone. Take a quick look at everything in your house and car, and make sure those straps are secure.


Get into Silicone, in a big way

Silicone has leapt into centerstage of the baby product world recently, and for good reason; it’s quite simply a wonder-material! And many of the previously used and trusted materials contain potential hazards. Plastics and even glass pose threats to baby, such as hazardous ingredients, and rough surfaces. Silicone, on the other hand, is soft to the touch, smooth, and free of contaminants. Make sure to get high-quality Silicone products, such as the Olababy GentleBottle, Feeding Spoons, and SteamBowl. Olababy produces hygienic, baby-friendly feeding products, designed to keep babies as safe as possible in any situation. So you can let your little one, be a little one, and give you so much needed relaxation. Your baby will thank you.