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Family Outing: Out and About with Baby

Taking your kids out to explore for the day can be a bit stressful, we are here to help prepare you for a stress free day. While out and about with your baby or toddler it is key to come prepared for anything. You’ll be a master at packing since you’ll learn how to make the most out of the space you have in your diaper bag. So here are what we have deemed to be the most essential items that families must have on daily adventures with kids.

  1. Diapers and wipes!These are the most obvious so we won’t spend any more time on it than this. They are a MUST.
  2. Bottles are a great item to have so if you need to give your baby a quick snack while walking around, you’ll have what you need. It is hard to judge when a baby might be hungry again so it’s always good to have a bottle and some formula in the diaper bag.
  3. Bring toys. You never know when you’ll need to hand your baby a distractor. Why not hand them their favorite blanky, or teether?
  4. A blanketcan be extremely useful for a lunch break, or even just to relax for a bit. If you are out for an entire day, your baby will need a nap of some sort. Plan for that and bring a picnic for you and your spouse so you can relax as your baby does.
  5. A hatis essential for your baby on sunny days. Their skin is very sensitive and since they may not have a full head of hair yet, it is key to keep the top of their beautiful head protected.
  6. You’ll definitely want to have some baby spoons handy just in case you go out to eat. If you are dining at a restaurant make sure you have the spoons because the metal spoons at the restaurant could hurt you baby’s sensitive gums. Better to come prepared!
  7. An extra pair of clothes.Babies are inherently messy and you can assume a spill or two may happen. Keep them looking their best and have a clean pair of clothes ready to go.

A day out with baby can be amazing as long as you are prepared. The main point is you never want to be out and about with your baby and not have something you need. A baby’s wants and needs can never be predicted because they can change any moment. So be prepared for the changes that may come and pack accordingly, it’ll make every trip better.