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Thanksgiving Meals for Baby

Thanksgiving is the time we remember all the things we are thankful for this year. There is no better time to celebrate how thankful you are for your little bundle of joy than on this special day. Even though you may have a little one that isn’t ready for a whole Thanksgiving meal, you’ll still want them to be part of the day. Here are some classic Thanksgiving recipes with a twist so your little sweetheart can fall in love with Thanksgiving for the first time.

  1. The most important part of any Thanksgiving feast is of course the turkey. For babies over 7 months we suggest a slice of turkey, water or stock, a carrot, and a small potato. First blend the turkey and water as smooth as possible, then add the remaining ingredients, blend until smooth and serve. We highly suggest making a large batch so you can freeze it. Then reheat in your Olababy Steambowl whenever your baby needs a quick meal.
  2. No Thanksgiving meal is complete without sweet potatoes. A super simple and delicious way to prepare them is to mash/puree cooked sweet potato with cooked carrot. Stir in some unflavored yogurt so the dish is nice and creamy. This is a great way to get a ton of vitamins and nutrients into a great and flavorful dish.
  3. Another Thanksgiving staple is the famous white potato, which does not need much changing in order to safely feed it to your baby. It can be steamed, baked, boiled, or mashed as long as it is soft enough for your baby to handle. Soft potatoes are also the best way to get your baby self feeding. The Olababy Training and Feeding Spoons are perfect with foods like cooked potatoes because they can easily be cut with little force. Your baby will love eating alongside their family and feeding themselves as well.
  4. Cranberries can be too sour for babies and a bit unpleasant. Take that sweet cranberry puree that you made for everyone else, and cut it with yogurt and a dash of vanilla. The new vanilla yogurt cranberry swirl will make everyone jealous of your beautiful baby’s meal.
  5. Baby can’t go to bed without dessert! Set aside a bit of that pumpkin puree you were going to use for pumpkin pie and mix in some cinnamon. This is a quick baby friendly pumpkin pie so baby can enjoy dessert with all of the big kids and not feel left out.

Baby’s first Thanksgiving is a special occasion and just because they aren’t ready for the full meal, doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy their own. It is so easy to make the most important Thanksgiving dishes for your bundle of joy. A whirl in the blender and baby is enjoying turkey with everyone else. Mash up potatoes, (sweet or white) and you may even be able to start them self-feeding. Enjoy this special day and make sure your baby is doing it right along side you. You might even create a new holiday tradition!