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The Best Baby & Toddler Feeding Tools of 2021

Bring more fun to your child’s mealtimes with these clever food-related utensils and feeding tools. Whether you have a new eater or a super picky one, these are the plates, placemats, snack containers, baby spoons and more that can will keep kids interested and reduce messes during snacks and meals.

Training Fork for Baby Led Weaning

Fans of Olababy's spoons (see below) will love that they've added a training fork to their collection. Like the spoon, the fork has a silicone coating and is ergonomically designed for self-feeding, which give your child independence and develop dexterity and fine motor skills. The tines of the fork are sharp enough to spear foods while protecting gums and teeth. Comes in a set with a training spoon.

Available at, $16.95 for the training fork & spoon set.

Silicone Training Cup with Lid & Straw

We love this cup to help teach independent drinking. It's made from 100% silicone, so it's non-slip for little hands and gentle on teeth and gums. There's a weighted base to keep it from tipping over. Once your child has mastered sipping, remove the straw and lid to work on drinking from an open cup. The cup is translucent, so you and your child can see how much liquid is left. And there are measurement indicators along the outside, in both ounces and millileters. Monitor your child's liquid intake, use it as a measuring cup, and teach older kids about measurement units. Comes in mint and coral. 

Available at, $17.95.

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