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Winter Activities for The Whole Family

Now that the weather has cooled down and the holiday season is around the corner, many parents are looking for ways to come together and have fun as a family. While the cold weather and shorter days have some people fearing that they will be stuck inside, there are plenty of winter activities you can do inside or out while getting the whole family involved. Here at Olababy, we have put together a list of family-friendly activities to help you and your loved ones beat the seasonal boredom.

Get to Baking

Something that really brings a family together is cooking in the kitchen. There are tons of great seasonal recipes that are kid-friendly and are sure to be hit with your family. You can make it fun for everyone by hosting a cookie decorating party. Break out your favorite shortbread cookie recipe, stock up on all the sprinkles and colorful frosting you can find, and see who can make the best cookie! 

Game Night

Does your family have a favorite board game? Bring everyone together to play some of the classics like Candy Land, Sorry, or Uno.One of our family favorites includes Mouse Trap because the game is not only family-friendly but encourages you to work in a team. This will help involve parents along with younger and older children. Puzzles are also a fun challenge for all ages. Provide everyone with some snacks and use this time to connect withyour group in a fun way.

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

This is a great way to bring the family outdoors. Put together a hunt for plants, animals, and other things local to your area. The younger kids will love being able to pick up treasures along the way while the older ones will enjoy the competition. Take photos as you go to catch some fun candid moments. 

Go to the Snow

If this is possible where you live, we would highly recommend it! Besides getting to see something that does not happen all the time, there are tons of ways to make a day out of a trip to the snow. Build snowmen, go sledding, or have a snowball fight, the whole family can find something to do.


One thing you can always count on doing during the holiday season is decorating. Let your children join in on this by creating decorations with them. Want to bring the snow inside your home? Cutting up paper snowflakes to hang around can be easy and fun for children of all ages. 

Arts and Crafts

Getting crafty with your kids can be fun for the whole family, but some projects may not be suitable for all ages. One medium that can work for your children and you are watercolors! Watercolors are easy to set up and are perfect for every age range. Have the family sit down and paint a winter landscape to hang on the fridge.The best part about using these paints is that most are considered “washable watercolors” meaning any mistakes or accidents will be easy to clean up for parents.

Create a Holiday Greeting Card

If your family typically sends out a holiday card every year, it might be fun to involve your children in the card creation process. You can have them design their own cards using colored pencils, paints, crayons, etc. and get those copied and sent out to your friends and family. Your children will love that they got to be a part of the process and that their work will be seen by everyone they know!

Games, but Make it Educational

This season brings something all children look forward to, and that’s their winter vacation.While they deserve to have a break from the usual tests and homework, winter break is a great time to help them keep up with what they are learning in class but making it fun. Have little ones at home who are just learning how to count? Hopscotch isperfect to help young children practice their numbers while getting them outside to play. Older kids can try out Sudoku or crossword puzzles. This will be stimulating due to the challenge while also helping them to recognize patterns.

Volunteer or Donate Together

While giving back should always be in season, this time of year is a great opportunity to teach your kids about having compassion and giving to others. Spend the day going through your house together and looking for things you can donate. Some great options include clothes that no longer fit, blankets, lightly used books, and more. 

This season does not have to mean being cooped up indoors with nothing to do. You and your family can create a list of activities that you all will enjoy and keep you out of that cold weather funk. This time spent together is sure to build lasting bonds and memories you will be able to share forever.