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Tips for Flying with Baby

The holidays are here and millions of Americans are making their way home, many by plane. To get your little one through their first airport experience with minimal turbulence consider these ten tips.

  1. Think about buying baby their own seat. With holiday flights typically full or even overbooked, it is unlikely you and baby will be able to sit next to an empty seat. If you book over the phone some airlines even offer discounts to purchase seats for baby.
  2. Sit near the front of the plane. Baby will enjoy the quieter and smoother ride in the front of the plane, not to mention the quick deplaning. If possible pick your seats when you purchase the tickets, or make sure to check-in early.
  3. Arrive extra early. Giving yourself the extra time means you won’t be dashing with baby through the terminal and will just put you more at ease.
  4. Make your stroller checked baggage.Depending on if you’ll be traveling alone with baby or bringing other hand luggage items with you, it might be easiest to wear baby.
  5. Know your liquids.You are allowed to bring formula, breast milk, and juice through the TSA checkpoint. Inform the agent and remove the products from your bag to be screened. Here is a link to the TSA webpage regarding traveling with children.
  6. Consider boarding last. Though some airlines offer priority boarding for families with small children, it’s just more time on the plane. Even if you’re one of the last on, you’ll still have plenty of time to settle baby in for the flight.
  7. Feed during take-off and landing.Baby will need help popping their ears, sucking on a bottle, such as the Olababy GentleBottle, will help relieve the pressure in the ears that is most significant during the ascent and descent. Be sure to never use the water in the airplane bathroom to mix formula. Purchase a water bottle at the gate or on the plane and ask the steward/stewardess to help you heat up the bottle.
  8. Keep baby entertained.Stock your arsenal with baby’s favorite books, stuffed animals, and anything that will keep them entertained on the flight. If you have a toddler stop at the dollar store and pick up several little toys. When your little one gets fussy surprise them with a brand new toy.
  9. Don’t sweat the crying. Babies will fuss on planes and people may get annoyed. Do your best to quiet baby without excessive pacing and shushing down the aisles. Be sincere in your apologies but don’t let another passenger make you feel like you and your baby don’t deserve to be on the plane.
  10. Let others help. Babies are adorable and chances are many passengers are also parents and would be happy to help entertain baby or even hold them while you use the plane’s restroom.


Good luck out there and know everyone here at Olababy wishes you safe travels this holiday season!