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The Modern Parent

Modern parents are different than their own parents because of the era they grew up in. Times change and we adapt, parents are no different. Today’s parent has a completely different set of issues they have to deal with than their parents. These differences only create new and interesting ways that parenting can be accomplished; there is no cookie cutter way to parent and there is no mold for what a parent should look like. We want to celebrate modern parents here and look at everything that makes them amazing.

  1. They are tech savants. They grew up in the tech boom and therefore are the perfect ones to teach and navigate the tech world to their children. The world is filled with technology and it only keeps progressing. Modern parents can truly give their kids the skills to succeed in the new world order.
  2. Modern parents look at food and use food differently. Food is extremely important to the new parent and that will translate beautifully to their children. They will cook for them with the best ingredients and make sure that they are getting all the nutrients they need. The ingredients will also be non-GMO, free range, since the quality of ingredients matters so much to modern parents.
  3. Emotions are heightened with young parents. This means that their children will live in a household where showing emotions are embraced. There are old school stigmas about which emotions should be used when. Modern parents do away with this philosophy and believe that emotions are a part of life, and all should be experienced.

Modern parents are always going to be a part of life and they will challenge norms as well as create new ones. They will face challenges just like all new parents do, and through those challenges new practices will arise. Modern parents are not perfect and no parent is, all we can say is, Olababy is always here to help fit the needs of any parenting style.