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Parents' Little Helpers

One of the best parts of having kids is using them as helpers as they get older. As your children mature they can do more and this is when you can actually have them help around the house and even with a newborn sibling. Baby products are so simple to use and Olababy makes it easier for the older siblings to help out. Here are some great ways your kids can become your best helpers.

  1. They make great entertainers. As a parent you only have so much energy left to play games with your newborn after a day of running around making sure the whole house doesn’t fall down. They will also strengthen the sibling bond the more time they spend together at a young age. Also, who better to entertain a newborn than their new brother or sister?
  2. They can help with nail trimming!Thanks to the simple and innovative design of the Trimmo older children will be able to trim their brother or sister’s nails with ease. You can even have them set up a manicure station where everyone takes turns trimming nails. The filing pad keeps baby’s fingers safe the whole time, so no need to worry.
  3. Feeding time!Older siblings make great feeders, there is something about feeding their younger sibling that makes them feel like a parent. They love re-enacting the airplane, or choo-choo train with their siblings, and again this will continue to strengthen their bond.
  4. Older siblings can also be used as role models. While your newborn is learning about their new life, they can look to their brothers and sisters for guidance. Make sure you older children understand their new role, they’ll love their new sibling and will only want the best for them.

Older siblings can truly change and improve your life as a parent. Your children will share a strong bond due to these interactions when they are young. The younger siblings will look up to the older, and the older will look after them. Sibling relationships are extremely important and the earlier you start developing them, the better they will be.