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How to Spend Your First Mother’s Day as a Family

While we know moms deserve to be celebrated every day for their sacrifices, love and generosity, Mother’s Day is the day to pamper and completely spoil the moms in your life. This is the one day moms should sit down, relax and be treated for their hard work all year, and with a little one in the house, the dads often become the ones responsible for making this special day memorable.

When you have a little one in your life, it can be challenging to decide how to celebrate this day.  So, here are some ways families can make their first Mother’s Day relaxing, fun and all about mom!

  1. Get your newborn involved in the gift process. The most amazing gift a mother can receive is something that will solidify this day forever. Why not get her a clay hand print set? We suggest you do the handprints on Mother’s Day to make them extra special.
  2. Give her a personal day. Schedule her an entire day of pampering. We’re talking, massage, mani/pedi, facial… If that expense is not within the budget, try an at home spa day! Turn the bathroom or living room into her personal spa, equipped with soak scrubs, moisturizing lotion, and face masks! It may be even more special that family helped set up this special day for mom inside the home!
  3. Tug on those heartstrings. This is her first Mother’s Day and it can be a very emotional time for families in general. Embrace your emotions and make sure she knows exactly how she makes you feel, and what this year has meant to you. Make it handwritten, either in a card or a letter, but put your feelings into writing and give them to her. She deserves to know exactly how happy she’s made you, and how incredible of a person she is.
  4. Breakfast in bed.This happens in quite a few households on Mother’s Day for a reason, it’s amazing. Make sure to make it look nice, aesthetic is everything.

The key to any great Mother’s Day is being together as a family. This day is about demonstrating love for the moms in our life, and making sure we make up for not telling them how important they are to us every day.