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How to Baby-Proof Your Home

Newborns are delicate and very curious. They’ve just been brought into this world and are wanting to try to do anything and everything they are capable of. It is so important to baby-proof your home to ensure your child’s safety and make it a family-friendly home. Here are some first steps you can take, to get your home ready for baby.

  1. Secure every TV, stove, and furniture by attaching them to your wall to keep them from falling.
  2. Keep charger chords out of reach, as they are a choking hazard.
  3. Cover electric outlets with sliding doors to ensure your baby will not be injured by them
  4. Keep any chemicals such as soaps, cleaners, alcohol, etc., out of reach.
  5. Keep the fridge closed with this easy DIY trick: two sticky, non-permanent hooks and an elastic band. Place them higher on the refrigerator and the door will remain closed.
  6. Cover sharp edges so that your baby can play freely without risk of injury to head.
  7. Make sure your baby’s comforter is firm to ensure safety when sleeping.
  8. Store your medicine in an out-of-reach place or in a lockable medicine safe.
  9. Do not keep small toys or accessories around the house as they may be a choking hazard for your little one.
  10. Secure toilet lids down with a lid-lock to prevent your baby from trying to get in or hitting their head on the toilet top.

The key to keeping your home safe is taking as many precautions as you can. The main concerns are any choking hazards, heavy or dangerous items, and toxic chemicals. Since babies crawl as early as eight months, it is best to baby-proof your home before your baby arrives. Keep your babies safe and happy!