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Fall Bundling up tips

The weather is changing and your starting to feel that chill. Here are seven tips to bundle up your little angel this fall. 

  •   When it’s cold outside, you’ll need to dress you and your toddler in layers. A good rule of thumb is to give your toddler one extra layer than you in the winter.
  •     A wind and water-resistant outer-layer made of (preferably Nylon) and a warm coating on the inside , like Down or Polartec will help keep the cold away.
  •     Pay attention to your destination’s climate as Down does well in dry, cold conditions but not so well in wet or snowy, cold conditions.
  •      Make sure the cuffs fit snug around your babies wrists to prevent snow or wind from getting in but not so snug that it cuts off the circulation. Velcro tabs that are adjustable are our personal favorite.
  •       Choose something with a zipper that goes all the way down. Pullovers can be warm, but are more inconvenient for those potty breaks.
  •        You lose most your body heat through your head, its an old saying but its true. So, a hat is vital when dealing with cold weather. Even if the coat has a hood, a close fitted hat is essential to keep the heat in. Get one with earflaps because not only are they cute, but also it keeps their ears warm and the wind away to avoid ear infections later.
  •        Dressing in layers helps regulate their body temperature and gives you the flexibility to remove clothing based on where you’re at, where you’re going and what you’re doing. Winter activities can keep your toddler busy, but once they stop moving, your little one will want those layers back.