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Transitional Sippy Lid for GentleBottle

Our Sippy Lid designed to fit perfectly on GentleBottles, the silicone lid turns your existing bottle into a sippy cup and extends the usage of your favorite bottle. These lids are 100% silicone and BPA free. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alejandra Villanueva
Love love love this

In one day, my bottle fed baby learned how to drink from a straw with this top! It made nipple weaning super easy. We’ve used the entire OlaBaby system since was a premie. Love it!

Cynthia Lammi
Transitional sippy lid for gentle bottle

I really really love these bottles, nipple style, sippy and straw spouts! I love that they are silicone and the nipples are super soft and I wish I would have found this bottle when my baby was a newborn because I would have used them then. I gave it four stars because some of the nipples and collars do not have a nice seal and tend to leak onto my baby. If they didn't leak so much I'd give them five stars!

Liliana Rabago
I love them!❤️


Great transitional sippy lid

This is my daughter's favorite sippy lid. She doesn't like to lift the bottle back to drink with other types of lids, so this one with the straw is perfect for her. The flow also seems just right.

Suzette Mattoch
High quality, but does leak

I am on the fence about the transitional sippy lid with straw. We like all of the Olababy products we have, including the bowl and spoons, and the bottle with the offset nipple and the “soft spout” when my child was younger, but he is 17 mo old now and he is squeezing the silicone bottle, so this straw lid leaks his milk or other drinks quite easily. He is a bit rambunctious, so maybe a more mellow child or one who does not like messes would do better with this lid. It does fit well with the bottle and when I tried it myself, it works very well. However, once my child figured out he could basically “blow bubbles” in his milk by squeezing the bottle, or can toss it on the ground and a little bit of milk spurts out, it kind of became a fun game, not much milk drinking after that. I will keep the one I opened but I will probably return the other two and will continue to use the regular Olababy soft spout lids as he works on drinking from an open cup.