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Parent Feeding Spoon

Naturally designed for solid feeding

The Olababy Feeding Spoon, made from 100% silicone, is perfectly designed to feed baby with ease. Inspired by natural plant elements, the spoon resembles the shape of a sprout while the tip resembles that of a leaf. The shape and the flexibility of the spoon allow for easy scooping, cutting, and slicing. A suction-cup base allows for hygienic, upright placement on any surface. The silicone, combined with textured lines resembling the shape of vegetation, provides a better grip. Dishwasher safe and BPA free, the Olababy feeding spoon is the perfect tool for your baby to start eating solid food.

  • DESIGNED BY PEDIATRIC FEEDING EXPERTS - The long handle makes it easy to hold and the spoon holds a perfect bite for infants starting on solids. It is soft and durable. Its suction-cup base provides hygienic and upright placement on any surface.
  • THE PERFECT FEEDING SPOON - You can get food out of the bowl or deep jar completely with our feeding spoon; You can get food off of your babies' face with its flexible thin tip. It is great for 1st stage feeding & for all types of baby food.
  • GENTLE ON SOFT GUMS & ERUPTING TEETH - Our soft-tip spoon is made w 100% high purity silicone, without any hard plastic parts at all. It prevents potential injury caused by accidentaly jabbing to baby's face, gums and erupting teeth during feeding.
  • ORIGINAL DESIGN - Inspired by nature, our spoon resembles the shape of a sprout and the tip of the spoon resembles that of a leaf. The natural design combined with the flexibility of the material allows the spoon to flex. It is not a typical spoon!
  • EASY TO CLEAN - The Olababy feeding spoon is extremely easy to clean under running water. It is dishwasher safe, steam safe and boil safe. It is compatible with microwave sterlizer and is 100% plastic, metal, BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates free.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Joanne Westbrook
Parent's feeding spoons

Great timely service and very attractive and safe spoons for baby! They make a great gift.

Carlene Vaughn
Baby Approved

Mama & baby like the material, shape, and performance of the spoon.

Best spoons ever!

This is my second set of the spoons. I've tried most of the other brands and this spoon from olababy is the best of all! Its soft, durable and so easy to use. I purchased this set as a gift for my nephew.

Love these

I purchased the set of shorter ones and my baby loved it so much I bought this pair of longer spoons. It's a big long for my baby to use on her own right now but I'll be using it to feed her until her little hands get bigger!


we tried regular spoons our son hated them he loves this and i love that it is non toxic