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Training Spoon

DESIGNED BY PEDIATRIC FEEDING EXPERTS AS BABY’S FIRST SPOON - Encourages baby to learn self-feeding and transition to baby led weaning at the very first stage of starting solids. The ribbed surface of the stem provides a firm grip for tiny hands. Babies can use the Olababy training spoon to perform various motions such as scooping, cutting and slicing with ease, developing dexterity and honing fine motor skills for the future. 

SAFETY IS OUR #1 PRIORITY – The Olababy soft-tip training spoon is made with 100% high purity FDA-grade silicone, without any hard plastic parts at all. It reduces potential serious injury to gum and erupting teeth when babies are learning to self feed, cultivating independence and accomplishment. It is 100% BPA, PVC, Lead and Phthalates Free.  

INSPIRATION FROM NATURE - Our spoon is inspired by natural plant elements. It resembles the shape of a sprout and the tip of the spoon resembles the shape of a leaf. The leafy shape of the tip combined with the flexibility of the silicone material allows the spoon to flex. It is perfect for both first stage and second stage solid feeding and perfect for all types of baby food including purees or hard solids. 

GREAT RATINGS & TESTIMONIALS -  “Amazing spoons - worked on the first try! We gave our baby her first bite of solid food using these spoons. She was 5.5 mos and hadn't yet shown much interest in eating solids. We put a little pureed avocado on the tip of the spoon. She grabbed the spoon from my hand and put it directly into her mouth on the first try! … she was so stoked about the spoon itself that she let us continue to put food on it just so she could put it into her mouth…” - Michelle, Tx

AWARD WINNING - Since inception, the Olababy training spoon has won many prestigious Awards judged by members of the pediatrician, feeding specialist, occupational and speech therapist community such as the Mom's Choice Awards, 2017 Family Choice Award, 2017 Green Scene Mom Award Winner, Baby Maternity Awards, Project Nursery Approve Award, 2018 NAPPA Awards winner. 

    Award Winning Product

    • Mom's Choice Awards
    • 2017 Family Choice Award
    • 2017 Green Scene Mom Award Winner
    • Baby Maternity Awards
    • Approved by Project Nursery
    • 2018 NAPPA Awards winner

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Christine P
    Training sppon

    These spoons are great quality and are amazing for your little one learning to feed themselves. They are easy to grasp and not flimsy at all.

    Kandice Loveland
    Great company!

    Great product, wonderful customer service. There was an issue with my order and they quickly corrected it and sent out a replacement!

    Diana Benavides
    The best utensils for baby

    My baby loves it! It’s so useful and easy to clean

    Jose Castaneda

    My son loves his little spoons. Theyre well made and perfect for training babies with soft utinsils

    Jessica Francisco
    Training spoons

    My six month old absolutely loves these spoons! They are so gentle on her gums that she enjoys chewing on them in between meals. They scoop just the right amount of food and at any angle. I wish that I had ordered the longer ones because these are a little short for the tall baby food jars. Other than getting a little bit of baby food on my hands I have no complaints. I will order again.