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Olababy Media Hits.

April 28, 2017 A Joyful Wife: Suggested Non Toxic Registry 

Blogger Melissa mentioned Olababy’s GentleBottle on her blog A Joyful Wife. Melissa was sure to note that the bottle passed the pinch test with no additives or fillers and that it is made from 100%  food grade silicone.


April 28, 2018 Nursery Online: New Feeding Bottles from Olababy

Nursery Online wrote a feature article about Olababy’s GentleBottle. The article highlights that the bottles design resembles natural breastfeeding with an offset nipple and silicone material.


April 27, 2017 Pamela Pekerman: New Mom Must Haves, As Seen on TV

Fashion and lifestyle expert Pamela Pekerman wrote an article on new mom must haves. Pekerman was sure to include Olababy’s Trimmo and all its benefits as an easy to use and effective nail filer

14 New Green Baby Must-Haves for Eco-Conscious Parents

The Olababy GentleBottle was featured on an article of he top 14 must-haves for eco-conscious parents.  They praised the GentleBottle for both its design and also the materials the bottle is made from.


How we Introduced a Bottle to Baby + Olababy Giveaway!

Blogger, Bisou Style posted a recap of her experience using the Gentlebottle with her newborn. Both she and little Chase love the bottle; it’s intricate design has helped solve any problems she has had with bottles in the past. 

Let Your First Spring Purchases for You and Baby be These Trendy Picks

Popsugar included Olababy’s Steambowl in a roundup of trendy products for new parents and baby.


Olababy GentleBottle Review

The Indianapolis Doulas posted a review of the Olababy GentleBottle on March 27, 2017. The review by Elisabeth Lighty talks about the benefits of the bottle and how her 9 month old was an immediate fan.


Game Changing Technology to Make Parenting a Little Easier

Mother of two Pamela Pekerman shared with ABC 7’s Good Morning Washington on March 22, 2017 her game changing parenting gadgets. She talks about the convenience and safety benefits of using Olababy’s Trimmo.


2017 Winter Green Scene Mom Awards 

The Olababy Training Spoon was a featured winner of the 2017 Winter Green Scene Mom Awards. The Mommy Scene judges gave five stars for being Eco-Friendly and Easy to Use. They also said they love the Training Spoon because its easy to use, doubles as a teether and promotes self feeding.


Homegrown: Dads Launch Baby Products Line

Founders Paul Wang and Qiao Lin were featured on KGW, Portland’s segment ‘Homegrown’ to talk about the entire Olababy product line. They discussed what their motivation to start the company was and also the various benefits of the different products.


Family Stuff/Baby Gadgets

Olababy’s Bellytunes were included in Newsday’s Family section on March 13, 2017. The article mentioned the design of Bellytunes as well as how they work.

Olababy USA

Mommy blogger Elexis Bronson wrote a review on three products from the Olababy collection including the Trimmo, SteamBowl and the Training Spoon Pack. She raved about all three products and how they are convenient to use for a busy mom!

Olababy Introduces First Complete Line of Non-Toxic Silicone Baby Products to Promote Self-Feeding

The PR Log published the press release on March 7, 2017 detailing the launch of the complete Olababy line. The release highlights each product and what their intended purpose is while also pointing out the products’ benefits.

Baby Eats with Happy Family, Olababy and guzzie+guss

Gugu Guru posted a review applauding Olababy’s SteamBowl and Training Spoon. Mom Olivia, who wrote the review said it was nearly impossible to get her son to eat with a spoon until he was introduced to Olababy’s.

How to Trim Baby’s Nails Without Freaking Out

Fit Pregnancy and Baby writer Tina Donvito, wrote an article on February 7, 2017 discussing the Do’s and Don’ts of trimming babys’ nails. She was sure to highlight Olababy’s electric nail filer, the Trimmo under the Do’s.


Current Baby Gear Favorites

Kozy & Co blog shared a post about author Jessica’s favorite baby gear. Jessica talked about Olababy’s Trimmo and how she is no longer afraid of trimming her baby’s nails. She also mentioned it’s “the coolest thing ever.”

Get 25% off the Olababy Training Spoon Today Only!

The Bragging Mommy posted an announcement on February 2, 2017 about Olababy’s Ground Hog Day Sale on the Training Spoon. The announcement also included a brief description of the spoon and a short video clip.

Starting Solids: 15 Baby Feeding Gadgets & Tips You Need

Red Tricycle posted an article on January 22, 2017 talking about preparing baby for solid foods. The article notes the Olababy Training Spoon as a perfect first spoon for baby.

Start Your Family’s New Year off Right with These Must Haves

POPSUGAR started their New Year right with an article about must have products on January 1, 2017. The article included Olababy’s Training Spoon as a must have for the New Year.

OlaSprout silicone spoon features a leaf-like top that makes it easy for baby to scoop up food

The Inhabitots released a segment on the Olababy Training Spoon Pack. The segment includes a video clip and a brief description about the spoons and their design. 

Buzzfeed Wine Mom - Olababy Training Spoon!

Buzzfeed and Buzzfeed Tasty’s own winemom was awesome enough to try our spoons and take a adorable picture and review on her instagram!


Taylor a awesome vlogger and mom tested our products and made a adorable video review.