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Olababy Introduces First Complete Line of Non-Toxic Silicone Baby Products to Promote Self-Feeding


Olababy Introduces First Complete Line of Non-Toxic Silicone Baby Products to Promote Self-Feeding

New collection of products leaves no gap in baby’s journey to become a self-feeder

Portland, Ore.March 7, 2017Olababy, Inc., a Portland-based baby product company, has launched its new line of baby feeding products to guide parents, babies and toddlers through the many stages of feeding in a child’s first few years of life. The products are carefully crafted with children’s health and development in mind, and designed to be on the cutting edge of innovation.

“From design to functionality, we didn't leave a single detail out when creating these new feeding tools. All of Olababy’s products are inspired by nature – the Feeding and Training spoons resemble that of a leaf and sprout, while our Gentle Bottle mimics a mother’s breast in texture and shape,” said Paul Wang, co-founder and managing director of Olababy Inc. “Our goal is to make the transitions between breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, solid food eating, and self-feeding seamless and fun for the whole family.”

The nationwide launch includes a new style of baby products that will improve households across the U.S. The items being released are the Olababy SteamBowl, Training Spoon + Feeding Spoon set, Feeding Spoon set, and the Gentle Bottle. All are made with 100% silicone and are non-toxic, BPA, PVC and Phthalate free – good for the environment, and good for the family.


Steam + serve baby food, all in one. Foods high in nutrients are key to a baby’s early development. The Olababy SteamBowl is designed to prepare food and retain all the vital nutrients so your baby as healthy as can be. The base extends when food is being heated and retracts when food is ready to be served. Add pureed food to the bowl, place in a saucepan or pot over a shallow pool of water and cover. Within minutes, nutrient-rich food is prepared and ready to eat, in the same bowl that was used to steam the food. Dishwasher and microwave safe, the SteamBowl makes it easy to join the solid food movement.


Training + Feeding Spoon Set

One spoon to feed, one spoon to train. The design of the Feeding Spoon allows baby to seamlessly transition to self-feeding when baby is introduced to the Training Spoon. A shorter stem, the Olababy Training Spoon begins the process of self-feeding by providing the familiarity of the Feeding Spoon’s leafy tip and silicone texture. Also a teether, the Training Spoon is there for all of baby’s needs, making it the perfect tool for independent feeding.


Feeding Spoon Set

The safe, easy way to feed baby. The Olababy Feeding Spoon set is the perfect addition to a growing family. Made from 100% silicone, the design is inspired by a sprout for the stem and a leaf for the tip. This keeps in line with the company’s love of nature, and is designed with both baby and parent in mind. A suction cup base allows for hygienic, upward placement on any surface while the textured silicone makes it easy to grasp.


Gentle Bottle

Gentle touch for a colorful beginning. Designed to mimic the feel and experience of breast-feeding, the Olababy Gentle Bottle allows for a natural and seamless transition from breast-feeding to bottle-feeding. The nipple design encourages latching, and reduces bottle rejection, which is key to keeping baby full and healthy. Dual venting is designed as an anticolic system, while the off-center nipple allows for better outflow and decreases left over residue. With three color options (Mint, Coral and Translucent) the Gentle Bottle is easy to hold, use, and clean, and is great for a natural transition to bottle feeding.


Pricing and Availability

All products will be readily available for purchase online at and a selection of products will also soon be available at Giggle. The Feeding Spoon set and the Feeding + Training Spoon set are priced at $14.95 USD. The Gentle Bottle is priced at $11.95 USD, and the Steam Bowl at $9.95 USD.

These new items complement Olababy’s current line of products; including the signature Olababy Training Spoon, the Trimmo electric nail trimmer and the BellyTunes baby bump speakers.

About Olababy

A Portland-based company, Olababy is committed to creating and delivering the best products to ensure every baby’s health and happiness. As two fathers, founders Paul Wang and Qiao Lin wanted to make sure their children are supported in all facets of life. Starting with the signature Olababy Training Spoon, they have continued to innovate nature-inspired baby products that are meant to encourage development and health. For more information, please visit