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Kickstart The Olababy Silicone Cup

Olababy is happy to announce that our kickstarter has launched for The Olababy Silicone Cup!!

The Olababy Silicone Cup is designed to help transitioning toddlers from bottle to open cup. gentle and flexible, specifically designed for little hands. The base of the cup is weighted so that it does not tip over easily. The weighted base also provides stability for toddlers who are still trying to master their fine motor skills. The cup is translucent with attractive colors so that toddlers can see what’s inside the cup, eliminating any anxiety of drinking out of the unknown.

We would love your help bringing this amazing product to life! All we ask is that you check it out HERE

If you really love this product please pledge ( its only $11) to make this product a reality, you will even get a cup if we reach our goal!!!!