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Introducing Your Little One to Sound

Introducing Your Little One to Sound 


We know how overwhelming pregnancy can be with all that you have on your mind. So, we suggest you turn it up because there are many benefits and values of not only playing music and voices for your baby-to-be, but also for you! It is said to be around 16-18 weeks of pregnancy when your baby’s ears begin to develop and can detect sounds. While, that doesn’t mean to crank the stereo up to 100, it does mean it’s a good time to start exposing baby to a variety of sounds and music. Here are a few of the benefits of playing music for your baby, newborn, or soon-to-be:


  1. Music has been said to be a beneficial tool that prepares the ears and brain to produce language.
  2. Interestingly, it should also be noted that it can help reduce a pregnant mother’s stress levels, which is extremely important to overall health.
  3. It can also improve early sleeping patternsof your newborn. Babies may recognize music they heard in the womb which can be very comforting.
  4. The baby-parent bond is very important to early development. Some even say it reduces the risk of post-partum depression.
  5. Studies show that babies who listened to music in the wombshowed better motor skills, language development and cognitive skills from birth to six months.


Now, you may be wondering what you should play for your baby and how you’re going to play it? But don’t worry we have just what you need! Here at Olababy we have created a safe and easy way to play music for your baby-to-be with our Bellytunes adapter system. These Bellytunes act as baby speakers for your baby in the womb, and enable you to enjoy music with your soon-to-be little one. In addition to playing music for your baby, Bellytunes allow you to also play voice recordings from all your loved ones anxiously waiting for baby’s due date. Not to mention, we combined a variety of handpicked lullabies on our Spotify playlist, “Lullabies You’ll Love” to bring you and your baby into a world of relaxation and comfort.  To listen follow us on Spotify @olababyusa.Happy listening!