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Two young fathers make baby spoon that inspires healthy eating habits

PORTLAND, Ore. — As two young fathers, Paul Wong and Qiao Lin were anxious to make sure their little daughters would have adequate support in all areas of their lives. This extended to their eating utensils.

As Vera and Ellie became more independent — on top of having teeth come in — the duo decided to take action to produce the best tools to keep their babies growing healthily.

This is where OlaSprout comes in. The baby spoon is the latest product produced by Wong and Lin’s Portland-based company, Olababy. The green silicone spoon is soft and flexible enough to function as a toy and a spoon. The project can now be found on Kickstarter, as Wong and Lin seek to make the spoon available for other parents to use.

Olababy previously produced sleeves and handles for baby bottles. These complementary items can be found on Amazon or their website, OlaSprout is the first original product that the company has put out, touted as “the baby spoon that inspires healthy eating habits.”

Its design resembles a small plant, and its selling point has been helping babies identify leafy greens as preferential food sources. On their Kickstarter page, Wong and Lin explain the process of designing and manufacturing the spoon, while a video with footage of the spoon in everyday use showcases the versatility of OlaSprout.

Additionally, the many babies that have used the prototype so far are also featured in the promo. Their smiling faces represent all the other children that can potentially benefit from the product, should it be launched.