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Our Favorite Summer Recipes for the Whole Family

The summer season is the perfect time of year to get the family together over a home-cooked meal. Many of the best fruits and veggies are in season, and the temperature makes it perfect for enjoying a meal outside and keeping things casual. With so many different recipes out there, we have rounded up a few of our favorites that we think you and your family will enjoy this season.

Pasta Salad

Pasta salad is a summer staple. Whether you are headed for a day at the beach or hanging around the house, this is the perfect (and easy) go-to for a warm day. While there are a ton of variations on this well-known meal, we are loving this BLT Pasta Salad recipe from The Cookie Rookie. This meal is a bit more filling than your traditional options but still provides that refreshing feeling you crave from the dish. This can be a great option to serve your family at home or to bring to your next summer potluck.

Garlic Butter Shrimp and Corn Sheet Pan Dinner

As we all know, sheet pan dinners come in handy for those busy nights. Summer is when corn is in season, so putting together this Garlic Butter Shrimp and Corn is sure to be a hit with your whole family. A big plus about this meal, it comes together in just under 40 minutes. Whether you are carting the kids off to basketball camp or just trying to get the whole family fed, this fun recipe provides all the summer tastes you want.

Fish Tacos

Nothing screams summer quite like fish tacos! While getting younger children to try fish may seem like a challenge, this family-friendly recipe from The Food Network may just do the trick. We always strive to include things we think will be easy for parents, and this recipe is just that. Feel free to use whatever type of fish you think your family will love because the other ingredients included pair well with pretty much any option. Topped with purple cabbage and avocado, these are great for a hot summer’s day.


When you think of summer meals, many of us think about breaking out the grill. If you are hosting a pool party or backyard BBQ, kebabs are an easy way to give people a taste of everything. Plus, these are perfect if people are sitting by the pool eating or need something easy to eat while watching their kids. We would recommend this Lemon Chicken and Shishito Pepper Kebab recipe. Shishitos are milder peppers and pair very well with lemon chicken. Between the prep and cook time, the whole process takes under 30 minutes.

Corn Dogs

Bring the fair food into your home with this homemade corndog recipe. This is a hearty dish kids and parents are sure to love. You will only need about 4 ingredients to make these and one serving makes 10 corn dogs, enough for the whole family. If you want to get the kids involved, you can have them help you stir the batter and dip the hotdogs into it. Serve with their favorite condiments such as mustard and ketchup!

Beef and Broccoli Stir-Fry

Stir-fries are typically a quick and easy meal for families to throw together. One of the most classic versions would be beef and broccoli stir-fry. We really like this recipe from Taste of Home because it comes together in under 30 minutes and serves a family of four. While it may call for a lot of ingredients, the prep time is quick, and this familiar dish will soon be a family favorite for the season.

Veggie Flatbread

Any recipe that helps get your kids serving of veggies in is a plus to us! Flatbreads are great because you can include a large variety of ingredients and they are an easy way to get the kids involved with cooking. Try this Grilled Flatbread Veggie Pizza for summer! You can allow your kids to choose what toppings they want like corn, tomatoes, or spinach, and top it with cheese and sauce. It’s a fun way to have the kids participate and will make them excited about eating vegetables.