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National Nutrition Month

Keeping in line with this month’s theme we’d like to wish everyone a Happy National Nutrition Month. This year’s focus is, “Put Your Best Fork Forward”, reminding people that when it comes to eating health every bite counts.

Olababy is dedicated to making sure parents are making the right choices when it comes to their baby’s nutrition. Good nutrition should be a part of your baby’s life from the very beginning. One of the keys to success is preparing your own food once they are ready for solids. You can check out our rules of thumb in our post on when to join the Solid Food Movement.

When you prepare all the food your baby eats, you are in total control of the portion size, and the ingredients you use. Challenge yourself with National Nutrition Month to create as many healthy recipes as you can for your little one. It’s even easier to make your own recipes with baby food since there’s no need to spice anything. Just combine nutritious vegetables together, puree them, and heat them up when baby is hungry. The right tools can also help keep things running smoothly.

In order to help you deliver the most nutritious food to your baby, check out the Ola baby SteamBowl. Place pureed food in the bowl and then place in a pot with shallow water. Allow the puree to properly heat up then take out and serve in the same bowl. This keeps all transitions seamless and simple.

All in all the key to success is dedication. Dedicate yourself and family to lead healthier lives, and eat the most nutritious food possible. It can all start with the bundle of joy you just brought home; they can kick start a family wide health challenge. Take this month and challenge yourself to be heathier, you’ll immediately feel the difference.


We’d love to hear your favorite family recipes! Share them with us and enter for your chance to win our newly launched Olababy Steambowl.

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