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Fun Gender Reveal Ideas

Are you a mom-to-be, planning a baby shower, or just looking for gender reveal ideas to share with your friends? There are so many ways to share this news with your family and friends, and you want to make it one to remember! Everyone loves experiencing fun and creative ideas, now it’s your turn to host an excitement-filled Baby Shower!

  1. Hand out pink or blue confetti poppers at the end of your baby shower to everyone and have them all pop them at the same time!
  2. Have your baby shower cake be filled with either blue or pink filling inside and cut it open at the end of the day to reveal the gender.
  3. If you’re not interested in having a baby shower, you can send all of your close family and friends a gender reveal egg package! Inside the egg reveals the gender of the baby once cracked open.
  4. You can wait to find out the gender of your baby with all your family and friends! Have a loved one fill a piñata with pink or blue candy and have the mom-to-be hit it open and be just as surprised as all of her guests!
  5. An easy, yet unique way to reveal the gender of your baby-to-be is to fill a balloon with pink or blue paint and pin it on a board and have the mom-to-be throw a dart at it to pop it with a splash!
  6. DIY Interactive scratch-off baby reveal! Design your own postcards with, for example, “It’s a girl” then paint over it with a mixture of silver acrylic paint and dish soap, then have each person scratch off the paper to reveal the gender of the baby.

The key to a successful gender reveal is leaving all your friends with the feeling of anticipation throughout the night. Try out these easy, fun, and interactive gender reveal ideas! Have other ideas? Share them with us on social media using the hashtag, #AnOlababyGenderReveal.