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6 Gender Reveal Ideas We Love

Finding out the gender of your child has always been an exciting time for families. In recent years, gender reveal parties have become more and more popular, allowing parents to use creative ways to let their loved ones know if it’s a boy or girl on the way. Are you looking to send an announcement to your friends or family? Perhaps you want to throw a party so everyone can share in the fun. Whatever method you are looking to do, we have put together a list of our favorite gender reveal ideas in hopes of giving you some inspiration.

Scratch Cards

If getting together is not possible for you and your family, sending out a card about your child is a great way to announce the gender of your baby. One idea we love right now is to create custom “scratchers”. While you may not be able to gather in person, the gender reveal scratch card is a great interactive way to keep your family and friends involved in the process. All they would have to do is scratch away to find out about baby.  It is pretty easy to make your own, but there are also a ton of cute premade options online!

Gender Reveal Cake or Cupcakes

Every party needs dessert! This idea is simple but effective and delicious. Whatever baked good you decide on, use a yellow or white cake flavor so that you can color the batter with food coloring. Once ready, mix in either blue or pink food coloring and get to baking! Once your guests are ready for dessert, gather everyone around and cut into your cake. Your friends and family will love the surprise and be thankful they get a snack too!

Confetti Cannons

Confetti poppers are always fun around the holidays, so incorporating them into your gender reveal party can be a breeze. We have seen this done a couple of different ways. You can either have one popper for each parent. When ready have your guests countdown and when you get to zero both parents shoot off the poppers at the same time. If you would like to get more of your family involved, you could buy the poppers in bulk so everyone can participate! Once you see the pink or blue confetti, be ready to celebrate with everyone!

Family Photo

This may seem simple but it’s a great way to create a memory that will last a lifetime. Whether you use a professional photographer or just ask a friend to take the photo, this is a super cute way to send your friends and family the good news. A great perk about doing a photo is that you have plenty of ways you can reveal your baby’s gender. Some cute reveal photos we have seen are creating a sign or having your children hold blue or pink balloons - the options are endless! Send the photos out to all your loved ones and be ready for a flood of calls.

Older Sibling Gender Reveal T-shirt

Involving your children in gender reveal activities is a great way to come together as a family. One idea we would recommend that's easy and adorable would be having a shirt made for the soon-to-be big sibling. If you are having a party, you can have your child walk out and greet your guests wearing the t-shirt. If any people couldn’t attend, take a picture of your little one wearing the shirt and you can send that along to those who couldn’t be there for the reveal in person. It would be pretty simple to make your own and let your child participate, but if you’re looking for something easy you can just buy!

Gender Reveal Candle

This idea is one we truly think is unique! Gender reveal candles are an intimate way to find out if your baby is a boy or girl. When you light the wick of these candles, the wax will burn down and contain either a blue or pink liquid in the center. This idea will work for a party or to send loved ones. These come in a ton of different cute options!

Having a baby is an exciting time for parents and their loved ones, and gender reveal activities are a great way to celebrate your newest family member. While we listed some of our favorite options, there are so many out there. We would recommend doing your research and finding a safe option that works best for you. Whatever that may be, it will be a time you will be able to look back on and share with your child.