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Training Cup with Lid + Straw


The ability to drink independently from a sippy or from an open cup are important feeding and developmental achievements for a toddler. The Olababy 100% Silicone Training Cup with Silicone Lid and Straw is safe and easy to use. Our system is designed to encourage a smooth transition to independent drinking, from sippy to an open cup.

They are made of 100% toxin free silicone. They are gentle and flexible, protects our babies’ soft gum and erupting teeth. The weighted base is specifically designed for little hands and does not tip over easily, providing stability for toddlers trying to master fine motor skills. Our cup is translucent for toddlers to see how much liquid is inside. The transparency provides visibility and eliminates anxiety associated with drinking out of the unknown. The see-through measuring dots allow parents to monitor liquid consumption while doubling as a measuring cup. Our silicone lid prevents spillage while the straw is customized to support thick and thin liquids.

    • Soft silicone prevents teeth and gum injury
    • Encourages transition from sippy to open cup
    • Wide weighted base adds stability and reduces spillage
    • Easy-to-read indicators add measurement consistency for mixing and portioning
    • Travel friendly silicone lid reduces spillage
    • Customized Straw supports thick and thin liquids
    • Non-slip silicone surface makes easy to hold for baby's hands
    • 100% Non-toxic silicone and easy to clean
    • BPA, PVC, BPS, lead, latex and Phthalate free
    • Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe and heat safe up to 428°F/ 220°C

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Kataleena Helmick
    Ola sippy lid

    My daughter loves!! Best way to teach her to drink out of a straw

    Ashley McDonald
    Amazing straw trainer!

    I bought this cup as a spur the moment thing that I just googled. I read some of the reviews and was sold. I am so satisfied with this cup! I was struggling with other straw cups (tried a few different types) and my 1 year old would just bite the straw. This cup allowed me to press up some of the water and he quickly realized that he could suck with the straw. Now we have moved on to bigger cups! Thank you ola baby!

    Andrea Gadway
    Great cup!

    My son is 11 months old. The first time we used it, he was able to hold it and drink from it himself. This cup is amazing! I have since bought 2 more and sent one to school.

    Perhaps a good fit for an older child?

    I love the concept but it must be a better fit for an older child. Our 11 month old (which developmentally is at the cup learning stage, so I thought I’d give this a try) is great at straw cups but is also great at throwing said cup from his high chair. While he loves to hold and drink with this, when he tosses it (multiple times each meal) the liquid often ends up all over the ground because the lid popped out or it just leaked out. Preferentially, I use the straw lid of the bottle to help semi-contain the mess. Otherwise, this cleans well, is a great size for little hands, and it’s base is sturdy so it doesn’t knock over unless that’s the goal.


    The perfect cup for my grandson