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GentleBottle Silicone Replacement Nipple (2-Pack)

Size: 0-3M+ Slow Flow

Naturally shaped, offset, silicone nipples designed for easy latching and feeding

Offset design promotes upright feeding and ensures smooth milk flow down to the last drop

Dual anti colic vents prevent burping reduces colic

Wide neck is easy to clean

Safe in microwave, boiling water, dishwashers and sterilizers

100% Non-toxic silicone, BPA free, phthalate free




Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Guadalupe Zambrano
Customer service is great

I had ordered 2 sets of botles in the color mint and they sent me the wrong color but I reached out to customer service and they were amazing super helpful they helped fix everything right away, the bottles are very good quality and a super soft silicone material.

Laura Anderson
The only bottle my baby can use

My baby has a poor suck/swallow and struggled with breastfeeding and bottle feeding. I tried multiple bottles and he was finally able to use this one because he could compress more on the nipple, generating more of suck (in a unique way). After switching to this bottle he dramatically gained weight, became a happier baby and our lives dramatically changed.

Amena Schultz
Baby bottles

The baby bottles are great! The shape and texture is what really works for my son.

Jackie Dix
Nice bottle, but nipple collapses

My baby likes this bottle more than many others, however each time he drinks from it the nipple collapses and I have to remove it from his mouth and let air in from the nipple holes. Seems like the anti colic air valves do not work properly. I have 5 of these bottles and every one of them does this. It’s a disappointment.

Annmarie Hooper
X Nipple

The perfect x for our babies bottle. This was the 4th brand made for cereal and this is the only one we loved. Thank you!