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Breast Pump Adapter for GentleBottle (2-Pack) - Works with Medela pumps

  • Compatible with Medela Pump*
  • Reduces contamination and milk loss
  • Easy to use - Simply screw GentleBottle to the adapter and affix Medela pump to the adapter
  • Easy to Clean - Can be cleaned in hot, soapy water, a dishwasher or steam sterilized.
  • Made with ultra high grade Polypropylene and BPA Free

The Olababy GentleBottle Breast Pump Adapter (for Medela Pump) is part of the Olababy bottle feeding system. It helps moms to pump breastmilk directly into the GentleBottle, reducing the risk of contamination and milk-loss from multiple transfers such as from pump to storage to bottle. Our adapters are made with high grade PP material that is BPA free. It is easy to use and dishwasher safe.  

To use the adapter, simply screw on to your GentleBottle and attach to pump. After breastmilk is pumped into the bottle, parents or caretakers can directly change to the GentleBottle nipples to feed the little ones or attach the Olababy storage cap for easy storage and travel. (Nipples and storage caps are sold separately)

*Compatible with: Medela Pump In Style, Freestyle, Harmony, Swing.
Not compatible with: NEW Pump In Style, Sonata, Freestyle Flex, Swing Flex, Swing Maxi Flex.

Customer Reviews

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Sara Blair
Doesn’t fit all Medela products.

I have the Medela Freestyle and these do not fit those pieces. However, my husband broke the sides off of my pump parts so that they would fit. It isn’t pretty but it works and I love pumping into Ola Baby bottles!