As a mom of two, I cannot tell you how many cups I’ve gone through. It’s like I’m forever on a hunt for the right one that won’t readily spill, that I can confidently put in the dishwasher and that my kids won’t actively refuse. (They may be picky, but they sure are cute.)

And that’s why I am all about the Olababy 100% Silicone Training Cup with Lid + Straw ($18 on As the name implies, it’s a 100 percent silicone cup, and you can purchase this as a cup alone or with the lid and straw. (I highly recommend getting the lid and straw, even if you have a toddler. I’ll explain why in a minute.) 

The way it’s constructed is just genius. First, there’s the bigger, weighted base that allows it to stay upright and resist tipping. My kids have a way of reaching over their plates and then knocking over their milk onto themselves. But this base expertly (and surprisingly!) guards against that. The silicone material is also really soft and flexible, making it way more grippable for little hands and...... Read full article Here