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If you're searching for the best baby products and parent gear, look no further. BabyCenter's Love It Awards are generated by thousands of reviews and recommendations from parents in our Community, as well as research by our editors. Below, see the winning products in categories from bottles, diapers, and breast pumps to strollers, pacifiers, and potty seats.

Best baby spoon
Olababy Training Spoon

These sprout-shaped spoons help your baby learn how to feed himself independently. Safety and functionality are key components of Olababy's design. The soft silicone tip is very gentle on your baby's gums, meaning he won't hurt himself while trying to take his first bites. The spoon's flexibility makes it easier for your baby to scoop up food. And the wide, easy-to-grip base stands upright to avoid touching surfaces. Added bonus: These double as teethers, and you can put them in the freezer first for added soothing power...

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