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Olababy 2019 Holiday Deal

Happy Holidays from Olababy

The holiday season is here and Olababy has a special discount to calibrate, get 20% off with this discount code at the Olababy web store!!!!! Forget Black Friday and Cyber Monday this discount will last till Dec 4th, so you can relax. 
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Olababy in Parents Best Baby Bottles of 2019

⭐Thank you Parents for having us in BEST BOTTLES OF 2019 we at Olababy are so honored

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🍼We believe feeding is one of the most important exploration activities in a newborn’s growth. Designed with creating the best experience for our baby, our GentleBottle keeps feeding as natural as it should be while stimulating development through touch and sight. The GentleBottle is made of 100% non-toxic silicone. The soft texture and shape allows baby and parents a safe and comfortable grip. The off-set nipple design mimics a natural breast that allows for easy latching and reduces bottle rejection. The attractive colors of our GentleBottle helps to stimulate baby’s visual senses, allowing for a strong role of direct experience with colors in the early stages of visual development.🍼
.Attractive colors stimulate baby’s visual senses
.Off-centered nipple design mimics natural breasts
.Integrated dual-venting anti-colic system
.Smooth texture makes it easy to hold
.Wide neck allows for easy cleaning
.100% Non-toxic silicone
.BPA, PVC, Phthalate free