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Activities for Baby Parties

A baby’s first few birthday parties can be a challenge. What do you do? Who do you invite? What do you serve? It can be hard to think of activities that a wide range of kids at different development stages will enjoy. In order to help you through this planning phase, we came up with a list of games and activities that you can play with your baby and their friends at their birthday party.

  1. Kiddie Ball Pit: This will quickly become the main attraction at the party. It’s always a favorite of babies since they love using their new skills in the uneven ball pit. Best way to do this, get as many plastic balls as you can and fill up the biggest kiddie pool you can get. Then, just let the fun ensue.
  2. Catching Bubbles: The amount of smiles you’ll see during this activity will amaze you. Who knew that running around trying to catch bubbles would be that much fun. There are two ways this can be done: you can either get a bubble blowing machine, or DIY. Ask the older kids and adults to be the bubble blowers, and the rest of the kids will be given a cup. They will then do their best to catch the bubbles in the cup. You’ll enjoy watching them run around as much as they enjoy the game itself.
  3. Wagon Rides: A sight at many early birthday parties, decorate a wagon with all of the birthday baby’s favorite things and have kids take turns riding in it. Depending on the crowd, you can spice it up a bit and make it an extreme ride. Place obstacles and change up the terrain so some parts of the ride are bumpy, some are downhill, etc. The more creativity you use the better it will be.
  4. Time Capsule: You always see people in movies do time capsules, why not have one for the newest member of your family. After the party is over friends and family will all decide on what should go into the time capsule. It can be a piece of clothing or a toy that your baby plays with, anything that will represent this time in their life. We love the idea that they bury it until their 18th birthday where they open it and enjoy the nostalgia.
  5. Story Circle: This is a great way to bring your baby’s birthday to a close. Grab their favorite books, we suggest 2-3 and have a read aloud. The parents and older kids can take turns reading and showing the younger ones the pictures. This helps wind things down and we’re willing to bet many will fall asleep during the story circle.

These are some great ideas to get you started on planning the party. Early birthdays are great moments in a baby’s life. They may not remember every detail but they will feel the love. A key suggestion, keep cameras handy because you never know when a perfect candid moment will happen.

Best Baby Shower Themes

Summer is the perfect time for Baby Showers and it’s also one of the most popular times to throw them. The theme lays out a plan for the entire Shower. What kinds of games you’ll have? What food you’ll serve? What should people wear? All these questions are answered by the theme. We love all the crazy ideas we’ve seen on the internet and we have compiled a list of our favorite ideas.

  1. Alice in Wonderland: Decorate with checkered prints and lots of color; glue some playing cards around the house to keep up with the theme. For food, small sandwiches, cookies, and tea. Also put a toy mouse in the teapot if you want to be as authentic as possible.
  2. Nature: Throw your shower outside! Do your best to include some index cards on the tables with simple eco-friendly tips, this will make for great conversation pieces.
  3. Vintage: This really depends on how vintage you’d like to go, do you prefer the flapper style, or disco fever? Whichever you like you’ll have a blast going to your local thrift shop and grabbing the perfect outfit.
  4. Rustic: This theme seems to be a fan favorite since the decorations are so much fun and are perfect for a DIY “old-timey” photo booth. Decorate with mason jars, burlap, and pastels.
  5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s: Get your biggest hat and your best dress because it’s time to get fancy. Bust out as much Tiffany Blue as you can and get to decorating. We suggest serving only breakfast foods and try to be as fancy as you can, eggs florentine, mimosas, and of course a danish to start.
  6. Welcome to the Jungle: Animal themes are always fun! Decorate with animal stuffed animals, lots of bright colors, and try making each table a different animal theme. We also love animal cracker decorating contests, put your precision and creativity to the test!
  7. Mustache: Mustaches are in…You can make personal makeshift mustaches so everyone looks ridiculous and cute together. No need to think too hard of incorporating mustaches into the food, just make sure to get a group milk mustache picture for the gram.
  8. Spa Day: What better way to celebrate all the hard work you are about to do than with a day of ultimate relaxation and pampering. Cucumber sunglasses, lotions, creams, masks, nail polish, if you can name it, then get it. You and your friends will have the best time relaxing together sipping on wine while enjoying a foot massage.
  9. Polka Dot: This is one of our personal favorites just because of how much we love polka dots! Try as best you can to get creative, you can actually make fruit juice caviar and it works perfectly to polka dot up your drinks.
  10. Brunch: Is there any better way to start the day than with brunch? Refreshing drinks, delicious bites, and great company that’s what brunch is all about. Perfect for a summer baby shower.

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate the coming of your precious bundle of joy with all your closest friends and family. Make it special by choosing a theme and going all out, the pictures will always look great and the memories will last a lifetime.     

Father’s Day Celebration

We’re quickly approaching Father’s Day. Are you ready? We have some great ideas to make this Father’s Day a day the dad’s in your lives will always remember. We want all fathers to feel special today, and we are so happy to share these tips with you so you can make sure your dad or husband is relaxed and enjoys the day.

  1. We’ll start off with the obvious breakfast in bed. Dads love this just as much as moms do and it’s time to treat him to a relaxing morning, too!
  2. A family day at the ball park is just what he needs to feel appreciated and loved. He’ll enjoy watching the game especially with all of your company. Family baseball days are the best, everyone enjoying nachos and crackerjacks while watching a great game. Dad will love watching the game with family.
  3. A bike ride is the perfect way to spend time together and have fun while doing it. Find a great bike trail, grab some bikes, and get riding. A family bike adventure is a great way to get active and have fun with the entire family.
  4. A family that crafts together laughs together. We think (for the crafty family) it is great to build something together especially on Father’s Day. Make sure to make it something easy that the whole family can do, but hard enough that it is a challenge. Have fun with it and you’ll have memories forever.
  5. Movie night is a great way to show dad how important he is to you. Pop some popcorn, buy some candy and soda, and put on dad’s favorite movie. Time together is so important and it makes the things we love even better.

Father’s Day, like Mother’s Day is really all about being together. Spending quality time together as a family is all any father wants to do. However, the day is about him so try to do the activities that he’ll love the most. Enjoy your day and be sure to share your photos with us for a chance to be featured!